End of July~~

Boy are we getting tired!  Between our full time jobs, gardening and taking care of the house, we have been busy doing some shows as well as the Farmers Market.  Then in the evenings, it is time to make new things - We have been trying to get some new rocks cut, different slices of things and hope to make some amazing cabs in the fall and winter.  

Piece of petrified wood

Taking the first slice off

Dopped and off to the cab machine

And the final product - a beautiful Oregon Petrified wood cab

We had someone with a few rocks that she wanted cut and cabbed so we made her some amazing pieces for her to take to her silversmith class in Arizona.  Can't wait to see what she makes with them.  

For the rest of the summer we will be doing just the Saturday Farmers Market in downtown Gresham and it will be nice to see all of our friends there.  It is a great day.  We are looking forward to the time to get some new jewelry made as well.  Going to be trying some post earrings we hope in the future and I may even try my hand at some stone "art" pieces this winter.  We will see how it goes.  

I hope to post some pictures here soon also of the rock pile I "organized".  It took some time but sure was fun.....but heavy work :)