A few pictures of the process and things we love:  rocks, nature and making jewelry!

Alan also does just the silversmith work as well, no stone and it is pretty awesome.

We still have this, our "triple" petrified wood pendant

This was a full slice of Oregon Carnelian that Alan made into a pendant in

LOVE the color of this Carnelian Agate!

This was a banded agate that Alan put some "art" into.

This was a custom request from New York - it is a Smokey Agate from Oregon

A petrified wood that Alan made a custom silver band on. Amazing!

I know, I of my favorites. There are just so many special stones!

One of my very favorites

My favorite Moroccan Agate stone

Carnelian agate ring for a friend in Arkansas

This was a special request ring - a gal wanted us to make an "Alice Cullen" ring from Twilight. It was for her sister for a surprise - It was hard but we did it!

A Labradorite ring and matching pendant

A beautiful Brecciated Jasper, love this stone

We had a special request for this piece and the person had amazing sketches she sent to us. It turned out perfect.

This was a stone that was sent to us from Texas and we turned it into this great ring.

This custom order was a petrified wood that they mailed us the stone, and we worked it into this trio of amazing pieces.

Custom order - this was a stone someone had found at the Oregon Coast and hung onto it for years. She brought it to one of our farmers markets and we made it into a ring for her.

One of the Hydrangea

Some bright Lobelia at the house

Always creating something new

Alan at work

And this is where Bella the studio dog likes to keep him company. She likes to keep an eye on things.

Alan putting a final polish on a piece

A look at his workbench and a few of the tools of the trade

Alan with a pendant he finished setting in sterling silver

This is the rock bench. As you can see it is quite sturdy!

More stone slices

Another view of the trimsaw

Once that stone is trimmed down, then next is onto a dop stick and to the cab machine

The trim saw is the very messy part....oil that keeps the blade cool goes everywhere including

The rock that we have taken slices off of then heads to the "Butt box" to be used again late

We end up with a slice of stone that we will take to the trim saw

The raw stone then goes into the rock saw

A few of the buckets of rocks

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